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The world has been asking themselves who the “mystery professor” Joseph Mifsud is. The British press – Byline and Carole Cadwalladr in The Guardian – have been connecting Mifsud to Alok Sharma and Boris Johnson. Mifsud has good Russian connections and is supposed to be the person who facilitated the transfer of the Clinton emails from Russian sources to the Trump campaign.

Yet there is one Brussels politican who knows Mifsud very well. And no-one in EU circles seems to have woken up and noticed yet.

Gianni Pittella

The leader of the S&D Group in the European Parliament, and hence one of the most important and senior MEPs.

Pittella’s page on Wikipedia lists that he is a lecturer at the London Academy of Diplomacy (LAD), Mifsud’s outfit that was affiliated to the University of East Anglia and then the Univeristy of Stirling. Pittella’s role at LAD is also mentioned on his page on the S&D Group site and Pittella’s own site. There are two videos on Youtube where Pittella speaks about his role at LAD:

Pittella and Mifsud are both in the Diplomat Magazine piece about LAD. Pittella is listed as a “Visiting Professor” on the now deleted Stirling Uni page about LAD. Here is Pitella on a conference panel with Mifsud, and mentioned together with him at EMUNI. And here they are at a seminar at Link Campus Univerity too.

Pittella talks about Mifsud thus: “Joseph è un mio caro amico, non posso crederlo coinvolto nel Russiagate” (“Joseph is my dear friend, I can not believe he is involved in Russiagate) – in an Italian news story here. This is more than people who happen to meet at events.

It is not only academic – Pittella has brought Mifsud campaigning with him – see this pic from a PD rally with him with Mifsud. There are tweets (one, two) with him and Mifsud.

And so why is this especially significant? Because Pittella went and campaigned for Clinton and attended the DNC in 2016. Him doing so was even written up in Time Magazine here.

We do not know the full siginifcance of all of this. I am laying out the connections here. We do not know what Pittella was doing for LAD exactly, or if he was paid for that. We do not know if he was privy to information passed from Russia to Mifsud. But if a few meetings between Alok Sharma and one with Boris Johnson are of interest in the UK, surely a much closer relationship with Pittella ought to be of interest in Brussels. Who, I wonder, might now like to ask the questions to work all of this out?

Notes: this is a more detailed account of the Pittella – Mifsud connections that are in my huge original blog entry about Mifsud. Work Chris Blackburn helped me link all of this together. Every page linked in this blog entry has been archived. So don’t think of deleting anything, Gianni!

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