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I’ve been blogging for a decade at my own blog. And now I have opened a blog here at Blogactiv? Why?

My reasoning is that independent bloggers need to either professionalise or they’ll sink into irrelevance. So this is my contribution in that direction. Pretty much all the content posted here will be things I have written anyway somewhere else. The aim is to see if posting things here can also help me achieve a larger audience for what I write. If that works it ought to be a win-win both for Blogactiv and for me.

The essential deal on my own blog remains unchanged – my content is Creative Commons licensed for re-use by not-for-profits and, at my choosing, for profit making firms too. Blogactiv fits into the latter category, just as – for example – New Europe used to use some of my content for its newspaper.

So let’s see how this experiment works!

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  1. Oh God the irony! 😉

    Welcome aboard, Jon, it must be 8 years almost to the day that Devil’s Kitchen (or was it assumed you were coming across from London to take on the job of running BlogActiv! I’ve got the link somewhere.

    Your timing is good, in that BlogActiv just got an upgrade, and posts now get more visibility on EurActiv.

    I’d be interested in seeing what you get out of it here, given that you’ve been blogging at your own domain for so long. I’ve experimented with moving out (to G+, LinkedIn, Tumblr and most recently Medium), but ended up keeping my blog here going, and treating those platforms more as outposts (although the Tumblr’s more of a content hub).

    At least you’ll have someone else to blame when the theme screws up and your comments disappear ;D

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